Transform Lives.

Transformed Communities.

International Christian Youthworks Africa is a network of youth organisations and individuals who are all committed to seeing young people in Africa grow in integrity based on faith,  leadership,and with practical skills in entrepreneurship and community engagement, based on the United Nations Sustainable Development goals.

The movement grew out of using our proven leadership development programme, which has evolved as we engage with young people in their locations and develop contextual training for them.

We began in 2004 with an average of twenty young people a year on the programme in Kibera, Nairobi. We are now working in partnership with different organisations across most of the Southern States of Africa, East Africa and are seeing a growing work in West Africa and North Africa.

Young people are being encouraged to confront structures that promote inequality and poverty through community service. To build teams to work together and to take a lead with their friends, passing on the training they have received.

We have seen that transformed lives do bring about transformed communities, through faith, justice, dialogue, advocacy and innovation.

Since 2009 ICY has worked in partnership collaboratively with various high schools, colleges, universities, groups, Churches, organisations, local & national governments to complement their own training and mentoring programs. Participants who complete the programme, graduate with a Diploma in Missional Leadership.

Zimbabwe Training

The training has enabled some individuals to go onto higher education and some to find work, e.g. with N.G.O.s, Many of the ICY graduates go on to be trainers themselves. We partner with Springdale Foundation in the UK which validates the Diploma; graduates gain a certificate that equates to an access course for the first year study of a Bachelor’s program. Through our new online learning platform, we have been able to facilitate anyone anywhere to register for our training, and have a new partnership development with the Minnesota Graduate school of Theology in order to provide a degree programme  . 


Entrepreneurship and community engagement projects have been a natural development of the course, and we are increasingly working in partnership with others to see these develop.Each participant takes part in service, experience based and contextualised learning: developing their own projects to impact positively their local communities.  As part of the community programs ICY Africa is active in meeting 12 of the United Nations sustainable development goals.