Homabay Mission Trip

ICY’s Wesley bonding with one of the pupils during the field games…

Brett Altena planting a tree…

During the August 2017 holiday, ICY organised a Vocational Bible Study at Riverside Academy in Homabay County. It is our desire that every child that goes to Riverside Academy develops a relationship with God. And so the VBS was aimed at preaching the love of Christ with the kids in the village and sharing with them in games and other activities. We had lots of events; VBS, hiking, field games, swimming and tree planting. The lesson strengthened the children’s relationship with God and enabled them to share their faith with other community members. The children were encouraged by stories of people who were used by God to do the miraculous.

Brett Altena distributed  soccer and footballs and introduced the kids to the American game, dodge ball, which all the volunteers and the pupils played. This was followed by a passionate game of soccer. The sport activities strengthened teamwork and self-confidence.

The next day the team met at 10:00 am with the children at the village to climb the nearby hill Got Samanga. At 11:00 am the group reached the top. During this time the kids were introduced to the concept of community.  How the school is their community and what it means to be part of a community. They were encouraged to be active members who contribute to their school community through practical deeds.

Furthermore the team from Nairobi performed a stage play about David the giant killer to give the kids the opportunity to think and tell about their own bible heroes. The kids identified the various values that the heroes of faith had and were encouraged to develop such values within them.

From the hilltop, the team left to visit a nearby sports field. The children enjoyed themselves while playing soccer or basketball. Later, the team and a smaller group of children explored the surrounding area.

ICY Trainer, Rawling Kibukosia doing a demonstration during the VBS.

The last day, the team accompanied by the head teacher of the Academy made their way to the school to plant trees, to expand the already existing tree population on the school grounds. This is an effort to improve the areas climate, by reducing soil erosion and increasing the precipitation. The planted trees are nurtured by the school children, to enhance and instill in them the importance of being good environmental stewards.  This generally contributes to an increased sense of responsibility. The team returned to the village after a fun filled game of American football with kids from the neighboring communities.

Special thanks to Brett Altena from the United States of America for volunteering with us in this initiative. to the ICY team for your heart for God, heart for the children, community and your dedication to make all these work. Glory to God.

If you wish to volunteer with us in a community initiative or training, please visit our contact page and send us an email, or call us and we will get back to you.




  • Swat the Great

    August 16, 2017, 6:52 pm

    Awesome innitiative… Keep up the spirit we will soon be at the top.

    • admin

      August 18, 2017, 1:28 pm

      Thank you Swat. Be sure to be part of the next!!!

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