How can you help

We are a small charity with a big heart to train young people to be life changers in their communities and nations in Africa.

We are all volunteers, if you can help us all donations go into the various programmes.

There are specific needs.

Sponsor a Trainer
Each trainer receives expenses and a living allowance. The more trainers we can fund the more training we can do and the more young people we can reach.

Sponsor a Teacher
Riverside School offers free schooling to local children in Homa bay County, many of the children are Aids victims and orphans. (One in four adults there have HIV)

Sponsor a cement floor!
At the moment we have dirt floors in the school. We will be closed down unless we can cement the floors of the 10 classrooms. We are looking for £ 280 for each classroom.

Sponsor a child’s desk!
We also need another 105 desks at £10 each! We took the wooden doors off the classrooms to make as many desks as possible.