How can you help

We are a small charity with a big heart to train young people to be life changers in their communities and nations in Africa.

We are all volunteers, if you can help us all donations go into the various programmes.

Can you be part of our “Give Five Find Five” Campaign?

As a charity we are dependant on amazing people who partner with us.

Our Give Five Find Five campaign is to encourage a large number of people to give a small amount, and to find five others,friends, family, work colleagues to do the same.

The cost of a coffee each month can go to make a difference to young African people.

We need funds for scholarships, certificates, training resources, admin, expenses for trainers and funding for our Kenya team who lead the training across Africa.

Or Sponsor a Trainer!

Each trainer receives expenses and a living allowance. The more trainers we can fund the more training we can do and the more young people we can reach.

Sponsor a Teacher
Riverside School offers free schooling to local children in Homa Bay County, many of the children are Aids victims and orphans. (One in four adults there have HIV)

Re building Riverside School after the Government demands new brick built buildings
We had an amazing gift in December 2019 so we are now rebuilding 5 classrooms but still have five to go.

Sponsor a child’s desk!
We  need  105 desks at £10 each!