Mission Trips

Because our team is wholly African we believe we can offer the most authentic, affordable, effective and flexible mission trip opportunities to those wanting to go and serve in Africa.

Basically, you go when you want and stay for as long as you can. There is no programme devised around you. You simply join the African team in whatever they’re doing. That’s why we can be so flexible, and you can be so effective! What’s more, you live, eat, and travel African. And that is why it is so authentic and affordable!

You can get involved in the established slum ministry working with everyone from babies in orphanages to young adults. Or be involved in Sports Ministry. In between there’s the schools, prison, camps and specialist girls’ ministries. Or you may prefer to head out to the bush and join the team pioneering a model of long term rural youth training discipleship. You can help with our work in schools called “skills for living” or Advocacy Work. We’re also now starting to reach into Higher Education.

We believe that we are at a turning point amongst young people in Africa. For too long in East Africa there have been many evangelistic drives by churches and organisations that have brought many into the Kingdom but no further. As a result, there can be a superficiality in their walk with God. However, when Jesus called those around him to be disciples, he trained, empowered and sent them out “to do the works that I do” (John 14:12). Our call is to bring the Kingdom of God into every area of life through in-depth discipleship – and young people are thirsty for more reality and experience of this Kingdom living, for more integrity, justice, hope, healing and empowerment.