Godfrey Shivanda

I am from Kibera. I first heard of ICY through a friend who was a trainer and he challenged me to do the programme.

I had other commitments and felt that my own church would be sufficient for my growth. Then my pastor, having been impressed with the programme introduced it to the church and I was encouraged to take part. I did the program and within a year I graduated with a diploma. After two years I lost my job as a shop steward, and as I was in between jobs I was asked to volunteer as a trainer.

My involvement with ICY has greatly impacted my life in a very positive way, I use to be shy and timid but through the opportunity presented to me by ICY that fear is slowly fading. I get to travel and meet different people from different background thus changing my world view. I am often challenged by those who come to do mission trips, who give their time to come and help us.