Riverside School Kenya

Children living near Homa Bay, West Kenya, were drowning because their community was too poor to have its own school and they faced many dangers trying to reach the nearest one. They now have Riverside school.

Previously, the children had to cross the Rivers Awach, Nyaliech and Maugo and Mountain Landa Nyadundo if they were to access schools over ten kilometres away, facing dangers such as flash floods and hippopotamuses. Many of the children at the school have AIDs and over half have lost their parents to the disease. Riverside school has stopped these drownings and provides crucial education and hope to give them a future. Without urgent help it will close in December, leaving these children vulnerable to the risks that claimed many of them before, if they have to travel to another school.

The school was set up by ICY volunteers in 2012 when they learnt of the problems facing this community. It started as a mud-built building, and since then we’ve raised funds to upgrade it to a corrugated iron building with concrete floors. Unfortunately, this is no longer adequate to meet the standards required to safely look after these children, and a brick building is now required for the school to be allowed to continue to run. Without this, the school will close at the end of December leaving over 200 children at risk, so we need your help.

On behalf of the children of Riverside School, Kenya, thank you for your generosity.

Update!: We needed to build 8 Classrooms at a cost of £5,000 each but an amazing gift at the end of 2019 has enabled us to build 3 new classrooms and we are on the way to 5, so just 5 more to find support for .

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