Building on the ICY Training Programme:

Community Engagement

We are also encouraging and supporting community engagement programmes: as part of the ICY training course, the students must apply the content practically to make an impact on their community.

In Burundi, we’ve started a rapidly growing Sports Ministry to help counter tribal conflicts amongst young people.

Also in Western Kenya, a Youth Hub was established which has acted as a community resource centre for local young people, for example teaching them I.T. skills.

In 2016 ICY Africa established Young Women’s Leadership and governance training. Five of the 68 enrolled are now in leadership positions influencing and championing the interests of women e.g. campaigns against FGM. Currently, the safe house run by some of the people we have worked with has housed and rescued 15 girls.

In Western Kenya, Riverside School and Child First Community Health Care were started by ICY volunteers, ensuring that the children get access to proper education and quality healthcare. This includes home visits to families living with HIV/AIDS, community and school health education on various sanitation topics, plus support of a children’s medical clinic amongst others.