ICY Zimbabwe

Access to power in Zimbabwe is adversely affecting many poor communities: many areas are not even connected to the power grid, whilst elsewhere power cuts last on average fourteen hours a day.

This is ruining the opportunities of many people in the poorest communities who are trying to help themselves. We desperately want to help young Zimbabwean people to develop their own businesses, and providing solar panels is a way we have found for providing the power they need for entrepreneurial innovation. This is a real start to building the local economy, which will help this nation to survive and come out of the current crisis, whilst bringing along some of the poorest people.

One successful project is a young man, Masimba who from nothing created a small holding with plants nourished by the manure from chickens that are also kept and fed by the plants. To make this happen, power was needed to raise water from the ground, but his village was not connected to the power grid. ICY saw how this young entrepreneur on one of their programmes, used a solar panel to do this and realise his ambitions. He is now supporting himself and training others in his village to become self-sustainable. Entrepreneurship is a key element of ICY in Zimbabwe, enabling young people to develop their own projects so that they can become self-supporting, and your funding can support people like Masimba to do this for themselves.

You can make a real difference by donating now and joining the many others who are helping to make this happen. Most of our supporters also choose to help us on an ongoing basis by donating regularly, which you can do by choosing when you subscribe.

We are happy to keep you updated on the progress of the project, so please let us tick the box to let us know when you make your donation.

On behalf of the ICY entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe, thank you for your generosity.