Our Locations

We are now working in 30 African countries, the largest programmes are in Kenya, Rwanda and Zimbabwe. Also Burundi, Uganda, DR Congo, South Sudan, Tanzania, Ghana, Zambia, South Africa, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Botswana  .

The courses are run in schools, churches and other institutions and centres and are aimed at many of the poorest people in sub-Saharan Africa. Programmes start where we are invited depending on resources. New programmes  started in six universities in 2016 through ICY graduates. In South Sudan, a young Kenyan trainer, on his own initiative,  started three groups now training 700 students under very difficult circumstances. This work has now moved to the refugee camps on the border in Uganda.

Graduate Celebration in Rwanda

Lesson in Kampala, Uganda

Graduation in Nairobi, Kenya