Transformed Hearts Transform Communities

International Christian Youthworks is all about transforming young people to be leaders of integrity who are agents for restoration and justice in their communities.

We provide training, both theory and practical that equips them in leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship skills: and discipleship, that creates in them a heart for love and reconciliation.

The poorest, most neglected communities in Africa need good leaders of integrity, who are willing to inspire and serve others, are compassionate for the needs and people around them, and passionate to bring change.

We believe if you ‘Change Hearts you can Change Communities’.

ICY started with a Diploma course, accredited in the U.K., that was run in Kibera slum, Nairobi, for young people with nothing. We were blown away by the changes that spiritual challenge, leadership training and support brought to them.

They have become leaders of positive change in their communities, starting their own businesses and bringing hope and opportunity through stronger communities and economies. By being based on a strong relationship with God and an entrepreneurial spirit, their work has been sustainable and spread further.

We are now in 30 countries with about 50,000 young people involved each year, many of who those who train becoming trainers.

Alongside the Diploma we have developed a Leadership and Development Academy that can be adapted to any situation, such as villages, schools, and universities, through short courses and community activity, using 12 of the 17 United Nations Goals.

Why do we need support?
Education in Africa is not free and so many miss out, so we look to make ICY Africa possible for anybody. We have now reached a limit on what we can do, despite partnering as much as possible with organisations, churches and schools. We need more funds to do more of our Christian and entrepreneurially focussed work. We have an ever-growing demand for our projects and since becoming a charity in 2013 £300,000 has been given, with our current yearly budget standing at £70,000. This is exceptionally low for the incredible, life changing results we are achieving, and the vast majority of our funds go directly to Africa.

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